Beverly Hills Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Considered on of the most famous wallpapers created. This classic wallpaper specified for the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1942 is a true classic. The paper still adorns the diner and a similar version hangs on the hallway walls. Available exclusively at

Nicky Hilton’s banana leaf paper
Blanche’s bedroom on The Golden Girls
It’s called “Martinique” Wallpaper

The original colored Martinique wallpaper from the Original Manufacturer. Accept No Substitutes. Luxury begins in Beverly Hills Hotels. Featured colors as seen in leading Beverly Hills Hotels. Original colors of burgundy, green, and deep mustard. One single roll measures 27″ Wide x 15 feet long per single roll. Pattern repeat is 42 Inches high. This product is packaged in 3 roll bolts, thus if you order 5 single rolls, you will receive 1 bolt of 3 single rolls long and 1 small bolt containing 2 single rolls. We package it in this manner, so there are less seams on your wall. Exact color match from order to order not guaranteed. If you measure incorrectly, the next order may be slightly different in color, so order carefully the first time. Special Online Pricing Courtesy to the trade.