What is Flock Velvet Wallpaper?

Saturday, April 25th, 2009


Create a glamorous interior with flocked fabrics and wallpapers in berry shades and smoky taupes, or opt for a palette of vibrant blues and copper

First appearing on wallpaper in the early 17th century, flock’s velvet-like pile was originally created using the powdered wool left over from the manufacture of cloth. The first flock designs were imitations of damask or velvet and were used in the formal rooms of great houses. The pattern was created with glue and then scattered with flock powder. Over the past three centuries, flock has been used to produce patterns in every passing style. The look today is as moody as ever but somewhat less formal in feel. After falling out of favour in the early 20th century, flock is enjoying. A comeback with a rich palette of colourways including shimmering metallics and often subtle tones.